Bill Payment

The developing need of bill installment and client center around computerized activities lead to a bound-together installment idea, which empowers clients to utilize a solitary installments interface. Universal Express Bill Payment Service offers member banks to coordinate effectively. An easy-to-use interface for customers to cover all bills including, however not restricted to, Credit Card charges, Utility bills, Government charges, Education expense vouchers, and many others.
Our service works on the client experience in electronic bill installments, With a unique client ID. It disposes of the need to choose billers independently, starting from the drop menu for installments. Lesser advances, lesser screen-streams, thus an improved and snappy client experience to satisfy the requirements. We also bring the simplicity of mix for part banks; for example, once improvement exertion is needed to expand service and a short time later, all current and future billers will be empowered with no change at banks end.
Tension-free, 24/7 bill installment services to clients: Advantageous installments of bills, challenges, charges, and tickets acquisition. Bill Payment System (BPS) by Universal Express is an assortment stage where onboarded billers go live on monetary establishment’s Omni channels. Customers can send charge installment administration through their Alternate Delivery Channels.
As of now, 70 Billers are on Universal Express BPS, which incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to service organizations, media transmission specialist co-ops, government bodies, Securities and Exchange Commissions, Airlines, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), schooling foundations, and
many more. Universal Express cycles 8,000,000 (and developing) BPS installments each month.

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